Welcome to Outerspace!

The majority of Spaces on Outerspace are password protected and require an account for MyST SSO portal.  On this Space you can register for a new account, submit a request to reset your password, and contact Support.

New Accounts and Password Management

Register For A New Account   

Reset Your Password

Password Protected vs. Anonymous Access

A limited number of Spaces have Anonymous Access.  This means that anyone searching the WWW can find and access these Spaces.  Prior to logging in to Outerspace, you will see a list of Spaces that have anonymous access. All other collaborative Spaces are password protected.  To access a password protected Space, an STScI staff sponsor must request access for you through the STScI Service Desk.

Need Assistance?

For questions about access or how to use this service, please contact the STScI Service Desk, support@stsci.edu

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