Emptying caches and removing cookies is an important step when using a public browser. Stored cookies and your web history can be used to compromise your security and privacy. If you cannot use Private Browsing functionality, the following should be done after you finish browsing.


Press "Ctrl-Shift-Del" (Windows) or "Cmd-Shift-Del" (Mac.

Make sure "Clear browsing history, Clear download history, Empty cache, Delete Cookies, Clear saved form data, and Clear saved Passwords" are checked.

Choose to obliterate information from the beginning of time.

Click “Clear Browsing Data.”

Close the browser.


Tools -> Delete Browsing History -> Delete All.

Close the browser.


History -> Clear Recent History -> Time Range: Everything -> check everything under Details -> Clear Now.

Close the browser.


Safari -> Reset Safari -> check everything -> Reset.

Close the browser.

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