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 Flag nameFlag value in hexadecimal formFlag value in decimal formDescription of the flag
DEFAULT0x000000000Initial value; resets all bits.
FEW0x000000011Used within relphot; skip star.
POOR0x000000022Used within relphot; skip star.
ICRF_QSO0x000000044object IDed with known ICRF quasar (may have ICRF position measurement)
HERN_QSO_P600x000000088identified as likely QSO (Hernitschek et al 2015), P_QSO >= 0.60
HERN_QSO_P050x0000001016identified as possible QSO (Hernitschek et al 2015), P_QSO >= 0.05
HERN_RRL_P600x0000002032identified as likely RR Lyra (Hernitschek et al 2015), P_RRLyra >= 0.60
HERN_RRL_P050x0000004064identified as possible RR Lyra (Hernitschek et al 2015), P_RRLyra >= 0.05
HERN_VARIABLE0x00000080128identified as a variable based on ChiSq (Hernitschek et al 2015)
TRANSIENT0x00000100256identified as a non-periodic (stationary) transient
HAS_SOLSYS_DET0x00000200512at least one detection identified with a known solar-system object (asteroid or other).
MOST_SOLSYS_DET0x000004001024most detections identified with a known solar-system object (asteroid or other).
LARGE_PM0x000008002048star with large proper motion
RAW_AVE0x000010004096simple weighted average position was used (no IRLS fitting)
FIT_AVE0x000020008192average position was fitted
FIT_PM0x0000400016384proper motion model was fitted
FIT_PAR0x0000800032768parallax model was fitted
USE_AVE0x0001000065536average position used (not PM or PAR)
USE_PM0x00020000131072proper motion used (not AVE or PAR)
USE_PAR0x00040000262144parallax used (not AVE or PM)
NO_MEAN_ASTROM0x00080000524288mean astrometry could not be measured
STACK_FOR_MEAN0x001000001048576stack position used for mean astrometry
MEAN_FOR_STACK0x002000002097152mean astrometry used for stack position
BAD_PM0x004000004194304failure to measure proper-motion model
EXT0x008000008388608extended in our data (eg, PS)
EXT_ALT0x0100000016777216extended in external data (eg, 2MASS)
GOOD0x0200000033554432good-quality measurement in our data (eg,PS)
GOOD_ALT0x0400000067108864good-quality measurement in external data (eg, 2MASS)
GOOD_STACK0x08000000134217728good-quality object in the stack (> 1 good stack measurement)
BEST_STACK0x10000000268435456the primary stack measurements are the best measurements
SUSPECT_STACK0x20000000536870912suspect object in the stack (no more than 1 good measurement, 2 or more suspect or good stack measurement)
BAD_STACK0x400000001073741824poor-quality stack object (no more than 1 good or suspect measurement)

Column XinfoFlag (X one of g,r,i,z,y) in StackObjectThin, values also listed in system table DetectionFlags.

Flag NameFlag value in hexadecimal formFlag value in decimal formDescription of the flag
DEFAULT0x000000000Initial value; resets all bits.
PSFMODEL0x000000011Source fitted with a psf model (linear or non-linear).
EXTMODEL0x000000022Source fitted with an extended-source model.
FITTED0x000000044Source fitted with non-linear model (PSF or EXT; good or bad).
FAIL0x000000088Fit (non-linear) failed (non-converge\; off-edge\; run to zero).
POOR0x0000001016Fit succeeds\; but low-S/N\; high-Chisq\; or large (for PSF -- drop?).
PAIR0x0000002032Source fitted with a double PSF.
PSFSTAR0x0000004064Source used to define PSF model.
SATSTAR0x00000080128Source model peak is above saturation.
BLEND0x00000100256Source is a blend with other sources.
EXTERNAL0x00000200512Source based on supplied input position.
BADPSF0x000004001024Failed to get good estimate of object's PSF.
DEFECT0x000008002048Source is thought to be a defect.
SATURATED0x000010004096Source is thought to be saturated pixels (bleed trail).
CR_LIMIT0x000020008192Source has crNsigma above limit.
EXT_LIMIT0x0000400016384Source has extNsigma above limit.
MOMENTS_FAILURE0x0000800032768Could not measure the moments.
SKY_FAILURE0x0001000065536Could not measure the local sky.
SKYVAR_FAILURE0x00020000131072Could not measure the local sky variance.
BELOW_MOMENTS_SN0x00040000262144Moments not measured due to low S/N.
UNDEF_10x00080000524288Unused bit value.
BIG_RADIUS0x001000001048576Poor moments for small radius\; try large radius.
AP_MAGS0x002000002097152Source has an aperture magnitude.
BLEND_FIT0x004000004194304Source was fitted as a blend.
EXTENDED_FIT0x008000008388608Full extended fit was used.
EXTENDED_STATS0x0100000016777216Extended aperture stats calculated.
LINEAR_FIT0x0200000033554432Source fitted with the linear fit.
NONLINEAR_FIT0x0400000067108864Source fitted with the non-linear fit.
RADIAL_FLUX0x08000000134217728Radial flux measurements calculated.
SIZE_SKIPPED0x10000000268435456Size could not be determined.
PEAK_ON_SPIKE0x20000000536870912Peak lands on diffraction spike.
PEAK_ON_GHOST0x400000001073741824Peak lands on ghost or glint.
PEAK_OFF_CHIP0x800000002147483648Peak lands off edge of chip.

Column XinfoFlag2 (X one of g,r,i,z,y) in StackObjectThin, values also listed in system table DetectionFlags2.

Column XinfoFlag3 (X one of g,r,i,z,y) in StackObjectThin, values also listed in system table DetectionFlags3.