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Private Browsing masks your browsing trail from anyone who might later use that browser and try to check the browser's history, cookies, and other data to compromise your security and privacy. Using Private Browser and closing the browser when you are through also logs you out of web based applications you had been using. Shutting down the browser is insufficient, unless you are in Private Browsing mode. If you use Private Browsing mode, you don't need to worry about clearing your cookies and caches. Enable Private Browsing before beginning browsing. Browser specific instructions for using private browsing.

SSL - make sure your browser connection is a secure one. If you cannot connect to the website with https:// (note the "s" = secure) your browser connection is not secure and the traffic going to and from your browser can be easily captured and read. Many websites, such as google, use https:// by default and any time you deal with sensitive information like personal records or banking information the site should be secure.