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2017.02.02: DR1 database now has 1.5% more objects

A new version of the CasJobs PanSTARRS_DR1 database has been installed.  This adds about 1.5% of objects that were missing in the 2016 Dec 19 release of ObjectThin, MeanObject, and StackObjectThin tables.  For users who have done large-scale queries and want to get just the new objects, there are 3 new tables to make this easier.  ObjectThinMissing  has 132 million objects that were previously missing from ObjectThin; MeanObjectMissing has the same 132 million objects that were missing from MeanObject; and StackObjectThinMissing has 40 million objects that were missing from StackObjectThin.  It should be possible to run most queries again using these much smaller tables to quickly fill in missing data.

The new database replaces the old one since it is preferred for all purposes.  Existing objects in the database did not change in any way.

There is still a very small number of missing objects (about 0.01%) that are missing near declination = +30 degrees.  Currently we do not expect those objects to be filled in before the DR2 data release (which will include all the multi-epoch PS1 photometry).

2017.02.02: PS1 sky available in MAST Portal