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The PanSTARRS-1 (PS1) data processing pipeline generates catalogs of objects detected in the images. Each object may have measurements from one or more filters, and each filter may have measurements at one or more epochs. Objects may also be detected in stacked images that combine multiple epochs to produce deeper detection limits. All the detection information (positions, magnitudes, morphological information, flags, etc.) is stored in the PS1 databases, which will be the starting point for most science using PS1 data.


Table of Contents

Parent page for the description of PSPS catalogs.

Planned contents:

  • Data organization (Brian, Jeff, Rick)
    •  types of catalog properties, list of tables, data volume
  • Detection Properties (Stefano, Jeff)
    • definition
    • PSF photometry - instrumental flux, uncertainty, FWHM, shape parameters, masked pixels, fit quality
      • -> PSF fits
      •  -> Photometric zero points
    • Aperture photometry
    • Kron photometry 
      • image smoothing, sky level, measuring moments, aperture size, iterations
    • -> Forced Photometry
  • Mean Objects (Stefano)
    • definition, not always 1-to-1 with astrophysical sources, outlier rejection, uncertainties
    • -> Forced Photometry
  • Stack Objects (Jeff)
    • -> Forced Photometry
  • Data Quality Flags (Armin)
  • Catalog Anomalies - spurious objects
  • Forced Photometry (Anton)
    • warps
    • diffims
  • Parameter accuracy (Nigel)
    • galaxies (Dave)
    • stars