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This is the most recent version of the TESS Input Catalog and is the one available in MAST interfaces.

TIC Papers

TIC Versions 5-7: Stassun et al. 2018

TIC Version 8: Stassun et al. 2019

TIC Versions 8.1-8.2: Paegert et al. 2021


These release notes describe the schema and content of the eighth version of the TESS Input Catalog (TICv8) produced entirely by the Target Selection Working Group (TSWG).  TICv8 was finalized and prepared for delivery to the TESS Science Office (TSO) on 2019 April 15.  Updates to TIC v8 were posted in July  2020 (TIC v8.1) and September 2021 (TIC v8.2):  details are given below.