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5 mins

1. News & announcements


Loic Albert : days away from a pull request for extarct1d pull request. Ironing out last minute bugs. This will go into B7.9 hopefully, if testing can all be completed by the end of the month.

Michael Regan : deployment for B7.9 is currently planned for ~L+30 

update on HAT-p-14: no updates

25min2. TSO JDocs updates

  • SK described the draft new JDocs page. The title of tjis this page could still change, or the content could be moved onto multiple pages. SK asked the JDocs WG to take on the task of structuring the content, so we don't carry the workload for this and can focus on content.
  • Comments are welcome on all content, and input is especially solicited on the instrument specific issues to highlight
    • immediate comments from Michael Regan : 1/f noise is corrected by the ref pixels in the NIR but not on all timescales. if the exposure is taken in a subarray then possibly no ref pixels too; in MIRI the last frame effect has an odd/even row dependency so if the last frame is not excluded then line ration measurements will be affected. 
  • The new asdf parameter file setup for the pipeline is not very intuitive, these files are harder to find and read. It's also confusing that there are several different ways of running the pipeline.
    • perhaps for TSOs we can focus on 1 method and use that in all our materials?
    • SK and NE are currently preparing JWebbinar materials and that is a good idea. 
25min3. TSO JWebbinar

  • Following on from JDocs discussion.... SK & Nestor currently working on JWebbinar materials. The TSO JWebbinars are on Nov 30th (pm) and Dec 3rd (am). Registration is here, the deadline is Nov 22nd. 
  • Loic Albert recommends using Nestor's ERS hackathon notebook, which was really good and useful. 
  • These materials need to be ready at the end of this week (Nov 20th), early next week, so any comments or input need to be in the next few days. 
10 mins

2 mins5. Closing RemarksAOB

Everett Schlawin  update on error column in the extract1d step in the pipeline?

Juergen Schreiber (MIRI; Heidelberg) reported an issue on initial testing that the error values were unrealistically large. It sounds like this issue has now been resolved, and Juergen reported that they are no in the expected range. So this seems to be ready for more detailed testing now. SK will try to incorporate it into the testing notebook for MIRI LRS in the coming weeks.