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The information shared on this page is for Webb First Image Events in the United States only.

To our official hosts: 

It was lovely to see so many of you at training this week! This email is a follow-up to those sessions, and includes information on where to access the training recordings, a reminder about forms, more about office hours, and information about future optional training sessions.

Training: If you weren’t able to attend our trainings this week, you can watch the recording at The slides from the training are available there too.

Forms: Don’t forget to fill in the forms to confirm your shipping address for materials, and to input your event information as you have it. The latter form is editable, so you’ll be able to add information and make changes on a rolling basis. Both forms are available here:

Office Hours: Your point of contact will be in touch with you (if they haven’t been already) in the next few days about their office hours schedule. 

Working with Multiple Sites: Some of you are working with multiple venues having separate events. If you are, please send your point of contact each organization’s name, address and primary and secondary contact information AND ask each organization to fill out the shipping form if they want materials.

Future Trainings: Please check your email for an attachment with the schedule of optional trainings coming up with connection information. These will also be recorded and available on the OuterSpace page, so please don’t worry if you can’t make it. 

Bonus! Our colleagues on the Earth science side of the house have been busily preparing for Earth Day on April 22. Please go to for the virtual event. Note that there is a Webb learning game also on the program! For those near Washington, D.C. there will also be an event at Union Station.

The new official hosts of the Webb Space Telescope Community Events were notified by email on March 25. We are excited to have them as a part of the NASA family as we get ready to celebrate Webb’s first images!

To our official hosts: 

Safety: As you think about your events, please know that we support you making decisions that are best for your communities, and that includes safety. We acknowledge that the COVID pandemic is not over – as much as we desperately want it to be – so please feel free to plan virtual events, take-and-make events, or whatever other event design keeps people safe. We are flexible because this is an ever-evolving situation.

Resources: We have loaded our OuterSpace Community Events page ( with endless resources to help you plan your event. In addition, we will be posting the emails we send you right here; in case you miss an update from us, everything will be available here. Also, there is a map of other hosts across the country. Please consider coordinating with others hosting events near you. (We will connect you via email to the other hosts in your state/territory in the weeks to come.)

NASA Materials: We will be sending you a package of NASA materials (Webb decals, Webb bookmarks and NASA decals) in June. For us to do this, please complete this form ( with your shipping information by April 22.

Training: We will hold two training sessions (with the same content) on April 5 from 2-3:30 p.m.EDT and April 6 from 2:30-4 p.m. EDT. Please check your email – including your spam and junk folders – for information about how to connect.

Points of Contact: A point of contact is assigned to you to answer questions you may have as you plan your event. We hope to answer many of your questions at the aforementioned training sessions, so we encourage you to wait to reach out to your point of contact after that. At that point, the points of contact will be available via email and office hours (which we will explain at training). Please check your email for information about your point of contact.

Further update emails will come from me (, Peter Sooy ( or your assigned point of contact. Add us to your address book so our messages don’t go to spam!

We are looking forward to working with all of you to celebrate our new view of the universe!