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The Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) will offer a limited number of large format Hubble Space Telescope 30th Anniversary image banners to U.S. museums, science centers, planetariums, public libraries, nature centers, visitor’s centers, and other non-profit organizations that communicate or wish to communicate science to the public.  The applicant will agree to host an a free Unveiling event, open to the public, no earlier than the date and time at which NASA issues a Press Release about this image.  The individual applicant and applicant’s organization agree to abide by the Embargo of the image and associated materials, and will not share these materials with the public prior to NASA’s Press Release, at a time to be determined on April 24, 2020.

Please read Complete details are Details here:


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nameHST30th_Banner_SolicitationLetter_CompleteDetails_Deadline Extended 1-12-20.pdf

Apply before Dec. 16, 2019** DEADLINE EXTENDED! **  Apply before 11:59 pm EST January 12, 2020, using the form below:

subjectHST 30th Anniversary Image Distribution

Your Contact InformationtrueINLINE

First NameFirstNametrue

Last NameLastNametrue

Your Job TitleJobTitletrue

Your EmailEmailtrueemail

Your Phone NumberPhoneNumbertrue

Second Point of ContacttrueINLINE

2nd POC NamePOCNametrue

2nd POC EmailPOCEmailtrue

2nd POC Phone NumberPOCPhonetrue


Institution NameInstitutionNametrue

Address 1Address1No PO'strue

Address 2Address2No PO's


State or TerritoryStatetrue

ZIP codeZiptrue

long-field-- Select One --LibraryfalseNASA centertrueOtherfalsefalsefalseNature centerNASA centerVisitor’s CenterHigher Education venues that host public eventsHigher Education venues that host public eventsNature centerK-12 formal education venues that host public eventsVisitor’s CenterMuseum/planetarium/science centerfalse9Institution TypefalsefalseLibraryK-12 formal education venues that host public eventsOtherInstitutionTypeMuseum/planetarium/science centerfalsefalsefalse

Extra LargeOther Institution TypeOtherInstitutionTypePlease enter your institution typetrue

long-field-- Select One -- Urban: small city (< 100,000)falseRuraltruefalsefalseUrban: mid-sized city (100,000 - 250,000)RuralSuburbanUrban: mid-sized city (100,000 - 250,000)SuburbanUrban: large city (>250,000)false6Setting of Your VenuefalseUrban: small city (< 100,000)VenueSettingUrban: large city (>250,000)falsefalse

Annual attendance at your venueAttendancetruenumeric

long-fieldAmerican Indian/Alaska NativeHispanic/Latino AmericanSelect all that applyfalseOthertruefalsefalseBlack/African AmericanOtherAmerican Indian/Alaska NativeWhiteBlack/African AmericanWhiteAsian/Pacific Islanderfalse6AudiencetrueHispanic/Latino AmericanDescribe the audiences that attend or visit your institution Asian/Pacific Islanderfalsefalse

Other AudienceOtherAudiencePlease specifytrue


long-fieldIn your response, please describe how the Unveiling Event and subsequent display will benefit your local community. Limit 1500 characters.0Why do you want the Hubble Space Telescope 30th Anniversary image at your venue? 4truefalseWhy1500

long-fieldPlease include where in your venue the unveiling will occur; what activities will be planned for the event, as well as following the unveiling; the intended audience, including expected reach; how you will reach underserved or underrepresented groups; how you will collaborate with new or existing partners; and any other details you feel are important. Limit 1500 characters.0Briefly describe your plans for the unveiling event and related public engagement activities or events. 4truefalseEventDescription1500

long-field0Describe your plan to display the image for a minimum of one year following the unveiling event4truefalseOneYearPlan

Extra LargeDescribe how you will promote the unveiling event PromotionDescriptionvenue website, social media, local media, emails, etc.true

falseI agreeYesPostUnveilingAgreementfalse1You agree to submit a short post-Unveiling event summary, and three photographs of that event or related events or activities. true

Hubble 30th Anniversary Image Embargo Agreement

Read the following: “By checking the box below, I agree that my institution will abide by the NASA embargo on the Hubble 30th Anniversary image and related materials. My institution agrees to limit access to Hubble 30th Anniversary image and related materials to essential personnel only, and that anyone with access—including institution staff and collaborators—will also abide by the embargo: we will not disclose the anniversary image or any related documentation or material to others within the organization or to the public prior to the time on April 24, 2020 when NASA issues its formal Press Release.”

falseI have read the above and agree to abide by the embargo I have read the above and agree to abide by the embargo Embargofalse1Embargotrue

OtherAudienceOtherShow2InstitutionTypefalsefalsefalseOtherInstitutionTypeDescribe the audiences that attend or visit your institution OtherfalseShow

You may download this document which details the information collected in the application.