PanSTARRS-1 data processing includes many steps to go from raw image data to the archived data products.  Those steps are summarized here, with additional pages for detailed descriptions as needed.


Information for this page should come from Magnier et al 2016. 

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Parent page for the description of PSPS processing.

Planned contents:

  • Summary flowchart of data processing steps, decision points, and products.
  • Calibration algorithm summary:
    • Exposure calibration (detrending)
    • Initial astrometric calibration
    • Warps
    • Image combination (stacking)
    • Source detection
    • Flux calibration
    • Final astrometric calibration
  • Detrending 
    • masking, overscan subtraction, nonlinearity, bias subtraction, flat field, fringe correction
  • Image stacking 
    • seeing limits, PSF matching (or not)
  • Object detection
  • Flux calibration
  • Photometric zero points
  • Astrometric calibration of images (Anton)
  • Extracted catalog photometry
    •   PSF fits 
      • analytic function, residuals, field-of-view dependence, masked pixels, aperture corrections
      • -> PSF photometry
    • Forced Photometry
    • Extended object fits
    • Links to code
  • Known limitations

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