Parent page for the description of PSPS catalogs.

Planned contents:

  • Data organization (Brian, Jeff, Rick)
    •  types of catalog properties, list of tables, data volume
  • Detection Properties (Stefano, Jeff)
    • definition
    • PSF photometry - instrumental flux, uncertainty, FWHM, shape parameters, masked pixels, fit quality
      • -> PSF fits
      •  -> Photometric zero points
    • Aperture photometry
    • Kron photometry 
      • image smoothing, sky level, measuring moments, aperture size, iterations
    • -> Forced Photometry
  • Mean Objects (Stefano)
    • definition, not always 1-to-1 with astrophysical sources, outlier rejection, uncertainties
    • -> Forced Photometry
  • Stack Objects (Jeff)
    • -> Forced Photometry
  • Data Quality Flags (Armin)
  • Catalog Anomalies - spurious objects
  • Forced Photometry
    • warps
    • diffims
  • Parameter accuracy (Nigel)
    • galaxies (Dave)
    • stars


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