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Working with Subject Matter Experts Guidebook from NISE Network*

*See pg. 36 - 45 of the guidebook for strategies for finding STEM Experts & pg. 49 for how to search for Space and Earth Sciences Experts. 

Tips for Planning Guest Presentations from NISE Network
Tips for Guest Speakers from NISE Network 
Tips for Leading Hands-on Activities from NISE Network

Organizations who can support your event: 

Solar System Ambassadors

Night Sky Network 


Yesenia Perez, Informal Education Specialist II

Space Telescope Science Institute 

Event Resources

Outreach Materials

Outreach Slide Deck for First Images 

  • English (available in May)*
  • Spanish (available in May)*

*Please note that the slides discussing Webb's first images will be inserted when the images are made public. 

Launch Outreach Slide Deck 

Reaching New/Underserved Audiences

Recursos en Español

NISE Net Universal Design Guidelines

Social Media Accessibility Toolkit (

NISE Network Inclusive Audience Resources 

NISE Network Tip Sheets for Engaging Public Audiences

Printable Materials and Graphics 

Jams Webb Space Telescope Posters and Lithographs

James Webb 3D Model Print 
Webb Space Telescope Infographics 

Recipe for Planet Formation Infographic

Cosmic Reionization Infographics

Webb's Microshutters Infographic

Moons: Active Worlds Infographic 

What is Cosmological Redshift Infographic

Massive Stars: Engines of Creation Infographic 

Promotional Materials

Webb Insignia*

*Please only use this insignia on promotional materials; do not use the NASA logo (“the meatball”).

Flyer Template

Press Release Template

Media Release Forms: Adults and Guardians/Minors (English & Spanish)

Visuals and Media

Webb Launch Highlights 
An Introduction to Webb (in English & Spanish) 

James Webb Space Telescope YouTube Channel

WebbTelescope Video Resources

Flickr - Webb Telescope Albums 

Scientific Visualization Studio - Webb Videos/Animations

Webb AR app

ViewSpace Interactives
ViewSpace Video Library feat. Webb content 

Webb's Orbit

Hubble & Webb: Friends in the Sky 

Webb 3D model link

NASA Eyes on Exoplanets 
Reading the Rainbow Video Series
How do Space Telescopes Break Down Light? 

Resources for Learners of All Ages 

James Webb Space Telescope STEM Toolkit

JWST Mad Science: Seeing Starlight with the James Webb Space Telescope

The Expanded Universe: Playing with Time

Trappist-1 System Scale Model

Light and Color: Exploring Visible Light

Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA Program Cookbook Recipe 1: The Electromagnetic Spectrum 
Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA Program Cookbook Recipe 2: Data Imaging and Processing 

NASA's Universe of Learning: Informal Learning Network Program Models

NASA's Universe of Learning Science Briefings 

Spectroscopy 101 

Exploring the Universe: Filtered Light

Citizen Science - Backyard Worlds: Planet 9

StarNet "Look Up!" Webb resources

NISE Net resources for informal educators

NISE Network Activities 

NOVA Exoplanet Lab

Websites & Social Media 

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