Original Catalog


(sq. deg)

Number of ObjectsDescriptionTelescopeInstrumentPassbandsReference informationNotes
GSC 1.0All-Sky
All-Sky Photographic surveysPalomar schmidt, AAO schmidtphotographic platesVpg, Jpg

GSC 1.1All-Sky25,253,151

All-Sky Photographic surveys

+ Tycho

Palomar schmidt, AAO schmidtphotographic platesVpg, Jpg

The Guide Star Catalog I - Astronomical Foundations and Image Processing

The Guide Star Catalog II - Photometric and Astrometric Models and Solutions

The Guide Star Catalog III - Production, Database Organization and Population Statistics

GSC 1.2All-Sky25,253,151All-Sky Photographic surveysPalomar schmidt, AAO schmidtphotographic platesVpg, Jpg

GSC 2.3.4All-Sky1,020,503,745All-Sky Photographic surveys + 2MASSPalomar schmidt, AAO schmidtphotographic plates

Opg, Jpg, Vpg, Fpg, Epg, Npg

B,V, J, H, Ks

The Second-Generation Guide Star Catalog: Description and Properties

Includes bright stars from Sky2000v4 and Tycho2 and some new 2MASS stars

GSC 2.4.0

All-Sky945,443,930GSC 2.3.4 with 2MASS only objects removed  and GAIAdr1 astrometry transferred

Opg, Jpg, Vpg, Fpg, Epg, Npg

B, V

released for HST GSSS

Oct 2017

GSC 2.4.1All-Sky2,516,066,427

GSC 2.3 + GAIAdr1+ 2MASS + SDSSdr13 + VISTAdr2 + VSTdr3

Opg, Jpg, Vpg, Fpg, Epg, Npg, G, B, V, u, g, r, i, z, Z, Y, J, H, Ks

released for JWST PPS

Jul 2018

GSC 2.4.2All-Sky3,485,671,481GSC + PS1best + ALLWISE + SMSSdr1 + GALEX + ultraVISTA and available GAIA dr2 astrometry transferred

Opg, Jpg, Vpg, Fpg, Epg, Npg, G, B, V, u, g, r, i, z, Z, Y, J, H, Ks, FUV, NUV, W1, W2, W3, W4

released for HST, JWST and WFIRST testing

May 2020

GAIA dr1



Ghttps://www.cosmos.esa.int/web/gaia/data-release-1added in GSC 2.4.1
GAIA dr2



G, Rg, Bghttps://www.cosmos.esa.int/web/gaia/data-release-2added in GSC 2.4.2
GAIA edr3All-Sky

https://www.cosmos.esa.int/web/gaia/early-data-release-3release planned 2020-12-03

all are GAIA dr1 sources; provides additional proper motion data
APASS dr9All-Sky61,176,401AAVSO Photometric All Sky Survey

B, V, g, r, ihttps://www.aavso.org/apassadded in GSC 2.4.1

J, H, Ks

Includes the PSC, XSC, and 6x fields

added in GSC 2.4.1

SDSS dr1314,555469,050,976Sloan Digital Sky Survey

u, g, r, i, zhttp://www.sdss.org/dr13/added in GSC 2.4.1
VISTA - VHS dr420,0001,155,634,198VISTA Hemisphere SurveyVISTAVIRCAMZ,Y,J,H,Ks



added in GSC 2.4.1

superseded by dr5 (not yet downloaded)


1500 (planned)46,270,162VISTA Kilo-degree Infrared Galaxy SurveyVISTAVIRCAMZ,Y,J,H,Kshttp://www.eso.org/rm/api/v1/public/releaseDescriptions/41added in GSC 2.4.1
VISTA - UltraVISTA dr30.75433,547Deep/Ultra-Deep Near-IR Survey of the COSMOS FieldVISTAVIRCAMY,J,H,Ks,NB118

VST - KIDS dr3150048,736,590Kilo-Degree SurveyVSTOMEGACAMu, g, r, i
added in GSC 2.4.1
VST - ATLAS dr34500105,132,174
VSTOMEGACAMu, g, r, i, z



added in GSC 2.4.1
PanSTARRS dr130,0001,919,106,885PanSTARRSPS1PS1g, r, i, z, y, whttps://confluence.stsci.edu/display/PANSTARRS/Pan-STARRS1+data+archive+home+page

'best' catalog with ndetections>=2

added in GSC 2.4.2


w1, w2, w3, w4
added in GSC 2.4.2

fuv, nuv


added in GSC 2.4.2

UHS dr1

12,700 (dr1)

17,900 (final)

UKIRT Hemisphere SurveyUKIRTWFCAMJ, Khttps://arxiv.org/abs/1707.09975DR1 does not include existing UKIDSS (which will be merged) or K-band data.
VISTA - VIKING dr3135073,747,647VISTA Kilo-degree Infrared Galaxy SurveyVISTAVIRCAMZ,Y,J,H,Ks



superseded by dr4 (not downloaded yet)
SMSS dr117,200 285,159,194SkyMapper Southern Sky SurveySkymapper
u,v,g,r,i,zhttp://skymapper.anu.edu.au/added in GSC 2.4.2
ATLAS refcatAll-Sky992,637,834

Asteroid Terrestial-Impact Last Alert System (ATLAS)

(GAIAdr2 + PanSTARRSdr1 + SkyMapper dr1+ APASS + Tycho2 + Yale Bright Star Catalog

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