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Ideally, everyone who would like to participate in the conference would be present for the talks and discussions.  This is not a possibility due to space and resource limitations, so we are therefore offering two levels of remote participation.

Public Webcasting

The first is a public webcasting link (available below).  Our goal is to enable anyone to engage with the talks, which will hopefully expand the impact of this conference.  The webcasting will be a one-way video link with a short (~few minutes) time delay. This is made possible by the talented A/V folks at STScI that record and broadcast many talks and workshops each year:  This webcasting connection will be switched off during any talks for which the presenter does not wish to have it streamed publicly.  To maintain confidentiality and ensure a safe space for the conference participants to engage with the speakers and in discussions, we will not be webcasting questions, panels or discussion sessions.  The conference schedule is available here, bear in mind that there may be a short time delay. 

Publicly webcast talks from IA2 are available here:

Two-Way Remote Participation

For our second method, we are doing a trial run of two-way remote participation.  For those people who are selected to attend, but are unable to be physically present, we will establish a two-way video link and chat room.  All remote participants will sign an agreement to ensure it is used ethically and respectfully.  We expect the exact implementation details to change as we approach the conference date.  While we wish we could offer this option to everyone who has expressed interest in the conference, we do not currently have the capacity to support it for all 100+ people that were not selected to participate.  After the conference, we will report on our experiences and issue recommendations, hopefully enabling future Inclusive Astronomy conferences and other meetings to reach a broader audience.  If you have any questions regarding two-way remote participation, please contact Laura Prichard (LOC Co-chair,

Inclusive Astronomy 2 Two-Way Remote Participant Agreement:

IA2 Remote Participation Report

Below is a report detailing the usage of remote participation at IA2, feedback received from participants on its usage, and high-level recommendations and a detailed guide for implementing remote participation at STScI-led and other meetings.