• JDox, bright object target acquisition, generating simulated data, and calibration pipeline

Discussion items

 BOTA Kevin
  • Jonathan Fraine is forming a tiger team to identify and address issues with bright object target acquisition in time for Cycle 1
    • Let him know if you are interested in joining the team
  • MIRI
    • LRS TA has been included in APT 25.2, should use 15 micron filter
    • Imaging still needs TA, not likely for 25.4
    • ND filter is available for bright targets
  • NIRSpec
    • WATA update from Maria
    • Should be enabled for APT 25.4
  • NIRCam
    • Currently 4 targets in GTO list that are too bright for TA (HD 209458, HD 189733, HD149026, GJ436)
    • Preferred solution is to enable narrow filter during TA
    • No issues

Simulated DataKevin
  • DMS still working towards processing data
    • Should have first results in two weeks (update at Aug 10 DMS TSO meeting)
  • Proposed instrument modes for simulated data
    • NIRCam:
      • Full array grism (2048x2048), no science, memory test
      • Subarray grism (128x2048)
      • Imaging (WLP8 + F210M), SUB160
    • NIRSpec:
      • SUB2048 (2048x32), G395H/F290LP
      • CV3 data
    • MIRI
      • LRS, slitless
      • Imaging, SUB64
    • NIRISS
      • SUBSTRIP256, GR700XD/CLEAR
  • Can start working on generating simulated science data
    • Possible targets: WASP-107b or WASP-39b in transmission, specific details to follow shortly
    • Joe Filippazzo has code to insert transmission spectrum into simulated data, can share with other teams

Calibration PipelineStephan, Maria
  • Stephan and Maria (NIRSpec) would like to include 1/f correction step in calibration pipeline, likely in CALTSO3 for Build 7.2
  • Next Cal WG meeting is Aug 8th, Stephan to reach out to Karl to put topic on the agenda

Action items