• Introduce everyone in the WG.
  • Introduce and (re-)define goals/priorities for FY2020 for the WG.
  • Update everyone on the WG on the different TSO activities going on on the different branches.

Discussion items


1. Introduction by everyone


2. Fiscal Year 2020 plan for WG
  • Nestor Espinoza presented the current FY2020 Schedule Plan. He, however, mentions that this has to be updated with already defined goals/efforts to meet in previous TSO WG meetings in order to carry over work already done to this "new" version of the WG — however the previous scheduling has to be updated and for that it needs the help of Sarah Kendrew , Brian Brooks and Tony Keyes. Proposes that the three update the scheduled items in the previous schedule with details in terms of (1) what they actually mean (paying attention to explaining acronyms and/or technical details), (2) any updates on those items since they were written and (3) re-prioritize them.

  • Most likely, during the next weeks we will all need to re-prioritize based on the most pressing needs. For example, Sarah Kendrew mentions the huge pull right now to work on Pipeline testing and readiness. Nestor Espinoza mentions he will be following the priorities on the Webb Mission Office/INS Coordination via the Webb INS Teams (WIT), and align priorities with that in mind.

  • Regarding items to re-prioritize (see Action items below and first point here above),Sarah Kendrew mentions that the item "Simulated data" should be broken into more specific goals. Currently, the item is too generic.

3. TSO activities per instrument team

NIRISS activities/updates
  • Ongoing work on a new Commissioning Activity Request (CAR): idea of the CAR is an observation of a transit of WASP-18b with NIRISS/SOSS, to test TSO capabilities, namely: (1) NIRISS/SOSS readiness for transiting exoplanet science, (2) test saturation limits of NIRISS/SOSS (currently aiming observations above JWST ETC saturation limit). Currently simulating frames with awesimsoss. Next step is PIT review.

  • Plan after the CAR is ready is to do some pipeline "testing" with the simulated frames. Further develop extraction tools. 

During the discussion on "Pipeline Testing", Sarah Kendrew raised the question of whether it would make sense to have a "Notes on TSO testing" on the Pipeline Testing Data Management System (DMS) Working Group (WG) page ( No decision was made, but will be good to ask Alicia Canipe about this.

NIRCam activities/updates
  • Precise times with Focal Plane Electronics (FPE) clock. Also discussed at DMS/TSO WG.

  • Science Operations and Proposal Planning tests: TA for bright targets.

  • Comissioning NRC-33: TSO Stability Verification.

  • Papeline/Calibration: TSO capabilities recently tested on build 7.4, currently going to 7.5.

  • Full summary by Brian Brooks in a document: 

NIRSpec activities/updatesTony Keyes
  • He will find out details about TSO comissioning/pipeline and testing with NIRSpec members for next meeting. Will speak with Stephan Birkmann to find this out and perhaps include him in future meetings.
  • He will be working on possible Cycle 2 updates on Target Acquisition (TA) for bright/saturated targets (see Schedule of the TSO WG for FY2020). Will update on next meeting.

MIRI activities/updates
  • In terms of comissioning there are a number of activities relevant to this WG. Probably the most important is performance of MIRI detector with short integrations (bright target with different groups per integration).

  • She also mentions that although the MIRI Medium Resolution Spectroscopy (MRS) Integral Field Unit (IFU) has been activated for TSOs (i.e., it is enabled in APT), there is no ground testing for this. Pipeline readiness is not currently at the stage of what we need to reduce TSO.

  • Important to consider: Paris (Pierre Olivier-Lagage) and Heidelberg (Jeroen Bowman) groups are interested in TSO with MIRI. There are some ground-based dedicated tests on which the Paris group has worked on. This has an ongoing publication — would be good to reach out to them.

  • As for data simulation, Sarah mentions she has generated TSO observations with MiriSim.

Closing remarks of the meeting

Nestor Espinoza mentions he will send a poll around to define times for the meetings. They should keep happening on a bi-weekly basis.

Action items