Meeting agenda:

  1. News & Announcements.
  2. Pipeline priorities presented at the CalWebb WG.
  3. TSO task updates
  4. Closing remarks

Meeting slides

Meeting slides

Discussion items

5 mins

1. News & announcements

  •  release candidate for B7.9 of the JWST pipeline is out (v1.4.0)
  • relevant changes for TSOs:
    • optional Generalised Least Squares (GLS) ramp fitting; runs more slowly but returns a covariance matrix. 
      Michael Regan  does not recommend using the GLS method as it is not working properly at the moment. we also know the noise reference files are wrong.
    • some updates to the jump step: these are fixes of fixes, no new functionality. 
    • Loic Albert : the SOSS extraction step was delivered but ran into a last minute issue. The code that cleans contomination between orders was included but it is not the default option as it assumes the photom step is turned off, and that is not the case in the default pipeline parameters. 
25min2. PIpeline priorities presented to the CalWG, 4 Jan 2022

See notes of the CalWG meeting, 4 Jan 2022.

Enhancements were positively received but need some more work from us. 

Critical priority items:

  • pre-amp reset correction (det1)
  • pixel timing & time-stamp accuracy (tso3)

High priority:

  • jump detection (det1)
  • centroiding/tracing (spec2)
  • optimal extraction (spec2)
  • jitter correction (spec2)
  • background subtraction (spec2)

Low priority:

  • integration-to-integration aperture positions (spec2)
  • outlier detection (tso3)

Lots of discussion on the best way to do the jitter correction for photom. Different modes may have different ideal implementations - either in 2D space or post-extraction in 1D? This will need further thinking & work.

Pixel timing: how do we best capture the info? via CRDS reference files, or with header keywords? Or a combination of both? Also needs further thought.

Time stamping: this is quite a complex systems engineering issue. Nikolay looked into the details and read. reports but was all v technical. Nestor has created a JIRA ticket for this issue.

3. TSO Task updates

Nestor Espinoza 
  • JDox (Sarah Kendrew ): there has been no progress on this task. SK asked for instrument-specific input before the holidays, but has not received anything yet. Spoke with Alaina and there is no rush to get these new pages published, so it is up to us to determine when to get this done. NE proposes deadline for the instrument-specific information for the next meeting in 2 weeks' time.
  • NIRSPec pipeline validation: Leonardo on leave.
  • The high-efficiency modes tech report has been submitted to SOCCER
2 mins4. Closing RemarksNestor EspinozaNext meeting: 26 January.