Meeting agenda:

  1. News & Announcements.
  2. TSO commissioning discussion
  3. TSO task updates
  4. Closing remarks

Meeting slides

Meeting slides are on innerspace. Reach out to Nestor Espinoza to get them.

Discussion items

5 mins

1. News & announcements

  • Sarah Kendrew stepping down as TSO WG Deputy Lead during commissioning. 
  • Knicole Colon asks about the JWebbinars — when are the TSO ones going to be uploaded? Nestor Espinoza mentions Cami Pacifici and JWebbinar team heavily working on this. Probably by the end of the month, but nothing certain (ton to do on all fronts!).
  • Loic Albert advertises that he will be presenting in the CalWebb WG on not to use photom step for SOSS, as this poses troubles for the spectral extraction. Will also discuss if to perhaps move photom step after so it is a 1D correction.
25min2. TSO commissioning

  • Discussion as to whether push for target changes should be done sooner rather than later. Two questions on strategy: timing, and whether request should be done jointly between instruments.
  • The main question is how to make it easy for the JDB to understand this need as efficiently as possible. Nestor Espinoza sent some e-mails to figure this out. Sarah Kendrew mentions that commissioning leads on each instrument should be aware of anything we say to the JDB — so plan is to coordinate with them as well. After that, perhaps go to Scott et al. to figure out how to move forward.
  • Consensus is that the best would be to start movement on this by mid-February. Main questions to answer are: why not wait until ERS observations? Why not proposed targets before? 

3. TSO Task updates

Nestor Espinoza 
  • Updates on Leonardo Ubeda 's NIRSpec pipeline validation. He found that for some pixels, errors on the slope are zeroes. Unclear why this is so. He also finds that (scatter)/(pipeline-estimated errorbars) is actually smaller than 1 by a factor of ~0.7.
  • Michael Regan suggested that this factor is suspisiously close to 1/sqrt(2). Might be a reference file issue? Unknown User (birkmann) mentions that the reference file includes this factor due to CDS. 
  • Zero-slopes also a mistery. Loïc mentions that he also saw this whenever groups had negative counts, but the effect dissapeared in further versions of the pipeline.

  • Nestor Espinoza mentions Everett Schlawin shared ROEBA code to replace reference pixel correction. Loic Albert will work on using it for SOSS. Nestor Espinoza suggests Leonardo Ubeda uses it as well for NIRSpec. What about MIRI? Sarah Kendrew unsure as to how well reference pixels do on MIRI. Will ask the Ramps-to-Slopes MIRI group and report back.
2 mins4. Closing RemarksNestor EspinozaNext meeting will be a hard one for Nestor Espinoza to lead. If there is nothing urgent to report on, he proposes to skip it.