Meeting agenda:

  1. News & Announcements.
  2. TSO WG task updates.
  3. TSO Commissioning discussion.
  4. Closing remarks

Meeting slides

Meeting slides are on innerspace (and Box). Reach out to Nestor Espinoza to get them.

Discussion items

5 mins

1. News & announcements

  • Nestor Espinoza reminds everyone that the ERS Transiting Exoplanet Data Challenge is happening now. A lot of feedback in terms of what we should be publishing on JDox; most of them related to the pipeline, but also 
25min2. TSO WG task updates

Pre-amp reset correction
  • Ubeda still working on this analysis; testing ROEBA and LOOM.

JDoxWriting still ongoing. Deadline to deliver is mid-May — publication expected o go with ERO release (July).

1/f noiseNot many updates.

3. TSO Commissioning discussion

Nestor Espinoza 
  • This discussion can't be written here on Outerspace, but reach out to Nestor Espinoza if you want to know more about this (or read the meeting slides).
2 mins4. Closing RemarksNestor Espinoza