Meeting agenda:

  1. News & Announcements.
  2. Submission plans for TSO papers
  3. FY2023 plans
  4. Instrument roundtable check-in
  5. Closing remarks

Discussion items

5 mins

1. News & announcements


Sarah Kendrew : STScI hiring Astronomers/Scientists and exoplanets is a focus area, please spread the word. ESA have also announced the call for Space Science Research Fellows, and this is also a route to get ECRs in exoplanets to the institute. 

Brian Brooks  re discussion about informing people of new reference files. a procedure has been put in place where people can subscribe to a mailing list to get updates. See this JDocs page.

  • Nestor Espinoza : why can we not have this kind of system for JDocs as well? to make this less human-intensive.
10min2. Status on TSO commissioning papers

  • draft & working through comments for short-wavelength paper. has a fair amount of info on tilt events. 
  • expected to finalize next week
  • long-wave paper may get delayed a bit as T Beatty is in the middle of moving. 

  • want to pair up with SOSS paper (ie folded in with all SOSS performance, not just TSO). targeting mid-Sep for completion.

  • almost final. have implemented comments.
  • happy to add more NIRSpec folks to the paper

  • planning to get to a near-final state by the end of the week
  • work is done, only writing remaining
  • ready to submit by next week
  • SK to check whether George is okay with us submitting to PASP together with the other TSO papers rather than hold back for the rest of the MIRI Papers. 
5min3. FY 2023 Work plan

General updates
  • See slides!
  • Please send any feedback or comments to Nestor & Sarah by the end of this week, 
10min3. Instrument roundtable check-in

  • working with PIs on some saturation issues related to increased throughput
  • supporting ERS teams
  • LW paper probably also ready by end of next week (via T Beatty)

  • flux calibration: now have 2 epochs. and relative flux cal is good to 1%, once corrected for trace shape
  • gone back to SOSS data and looked for tilt events. have created a public-facing page (outerspace) to track tilt events in TSOs. was requested by the OTE team, so we can monitor. 
    • lots of discussion about tilt events and having an FGS pipeline to faciltate this monitoring fot tilt events
    • we have never seen a tilt event with MIRI - we should make more effort to monitor 


@birkmann, @nespinoza



2 mins4. Closing Remarks