Meeting agenda:

  1. News & Announcements (all).
  2. TSO WG work updates:

    (a) TSO visits/schedule monitor (Nikolov)
    (b) Non-linearity as measured by TSOs (Espinoza)
    (c) 1/f noise work updates (Espinoza)
    (d) Zodiacal background measurements (all)

  3. Deeper dive into MIRI TSO performance (Sarah)
  4. Instrument roundtable check-in (all).

Discussion items

5 mins

1. News & announcements

TSO work tasks updates

2. TSO visit/schedule monitor (Nikolay Nikolov )

  • Page is running right now — cronjob every 4 hours. You can sort by status, date, target, etc. There's even colors for each target.
  • Code is ready, just needs a "home" — Nikolay Nikolov talking with the website team (e.g., IT). Nestor Espinoza will ask Mees Fix about how they do it for JWSTQL.
  • One detail/improvement. Code uses the visit files, and is OK to identify transiting exoplanets and solar system planets, etc. However, for MIRI is a bit hard — LRS/MRS not only used for TSOs.
  • Thinking right now to add information from the APT file. This will increase the runtime. Nestor Espinoza suggests getting the info from the PDF file might be quicker.

3. Non-linearity as measured by TSOs (Espinoza)

4. Non-linearity as measured by TSOs (Espinoza)

5. Zodiacal background measurementsall

Deadline for Cycle 2 calibration plans are coming closer:

  • MIRI and NIRISS/SOSS on it.
  • NIRCam team is also looking into this. They are thinking on targeting some science targets.
  • Nothing firm yet on NIRSpec.
TSO Roundtable check-in




2 mins4. Closing Remarks