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News & Announcements (all)

Nikolay Nikolov mentions that he has fully moved from the NIRCam to NIRSpec instrument team (STScI branch).
10minPrevious and upcoming TSO observations Nikolay Nikolov 

Nikolay Nikolov presented archived, scheduled and flight ready observations for the past and upcoming two weeks. Also discussed that two of the upcoming observations are redos of guide star failures owing to inaccurate magnitudes and positions of guide star catalogs. 
Brian Brooks mentions that some issues with the DAs are in fact guide star issues. 

Everett Schlawin points out that observation 1185 had an issue, but not picked by the TSO Monitor webpage. Nikolay Nikolov shows that the observation is in thewebpage, but since there was no time tag assigned, it did not appear in the list. He will make a modification of the code to resolve the issue.

20minFY2024 TSO plan timeline

Nikolay Nikolov presented a plan timeline with TSO tasks to be completed in FY2024, along with assigned names to ten members that will lead and/or contribute:

  • Pipeline validation (all-year long)
    • Data set selection and test definition NE, NN, MR
    • Notebook writing for each SI: NE, NN, LU, SK
    • Perform pipeline validation: LU
  • Systematics investigation (first 3/4 of year)
    • Write charge migration TSO document: LU, NE, NN
    • Investigate MIRI ramps: NE, SK
    • Investigate NIRSpec visit-long ramps: NN, LU, MR
    • Write 1/f characterization document: NE
  • Algorithm implementation (second half)
    • TSO CR detection: NN, MR
    • 1/f noise suppression for TSOs: NN, NE, LU, MR
10minInstrument roundtable check-in

NIRSpec: Leonardo Ubeda prepared TR draft on detector linearity.
NIRCam: reviewed JWQL needs

MIRI: new method for removal of sinusoidal variations in TSOs 

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