Meeting Agenda

  • News & Announcements (all)
  • Discussion on the number of subarrays for NIRCam DHS (John Stansberry and all)
  • Previous and upcoming TSO observations (Nikolay Nikolov )
  • Instrument roundtable check-in (all)

Discussion items

10minNews and announcementsAll

  • Sarah Kendrew new TSO expert will start at the MIRI branch next week (April 8th, 2024).
  • Loic Albert mentions that during a NIRISS SOSS TSO there was an anomaly that concerned the entire observatory. This was not the firs case, and the root cause is unclear but related to an increased data traffic. The remedy found was to power down the instrument.

 50minDiscussion on the number of subarrays for NIRCam DHS 

 John Stansberry and all

 Notes from the discussion.

Action items