Each mission hosted by MAST, and often each instrument within a mission, produces data products with a variety of semantic content. These types are encoded into the suffix of the data product file name; often the file suffix appears after a final underscore character, and just before the period and file type (e.g., <observation-id>_<suffix>.fits). Each type is listed in the table below.

Semantic Types Table

Browse the sortable table; or type one or more of:

  • the MAST mission designation (often an acronym)
  • the instrument acronym 
  • the file suffix

into the search box to find the description of the semantic content that matches the file suffix of interest. Note: some missions (e.g., Kepler, TESS) have only one science instrument, so the instrument field is left blank in the table.

This table is currently complete only for the HST, JWST, Kepler, PS1, and TESS missions.

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