All images, warps and stacks, have mask images which indicate image flags for individual pixels. Below is a table that indicates the meaning for each flag. These flags are applicable for both the warp and stack images.



The starting point for the PS1 data archive is at Pan-STARRS1 data archive home page.

Pixel Flags

Mask values which represent features of the detector

Flag namehexadecimal valueDescription
FLAT0x0002Pixel doesn't flat-field properly
DARK0x0004Pixel doesn't dark-subtract properly
BLANK0x0008Pixel doesn't contain valid data
CTE0x0010Pixel has poor Charge Transfer Efficiency
SAT0x0020Pixel is saturated or non-linear

Mask values which represent invalid signal ranges

Flag namehexadecimal valueDescription
SAT0x0020Pixel is saturated or non-linear
LOW0x0040Pixel is low
SUSPECT0x0080Pixel is suspected of being bad

Mask values which represent non-astronomical structures

Flag namehexadecimal valueDescription
BURNTOOL0x0080Pixel may contain uncorrected streak.
CR0x0100Pixel contains a cosmic ray
SPIKE0x0200Pixel contains a diffraction spike
GHOST0x0400Pixel contains an optical ghost
STREAK0x0800Pixel contains a streak
STARCORE0x1000Pixel contains a bright star core

Mask values which identify pixels badly affected by convolutions and interpolations

Flag namehexadecimal valueDescription
CONV.BAD0x2000Pixel is bad after convolution with a bad pixel
CONV.POOR0x4000Pixel is poor after convolution with a bad pixel

Warped image (left) and its mask image (right)

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