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To access additional content and functionality (such as commenting on posts and interacting with open forum discussions), users must register by following the following steps:

  1. Carefully read the Code of Conduct, which all participants must agree to follow.

  2. If you do not already have a myST account, create one.  The address associated with your myST account will be entered below.  Once your participation is approved, you will use your myST credentials to log in to the spaces commensurate with your level of participation.

  3. Fill in and submit the below form. During the process, you may choose to join a working group, although that is not required. Please read the description of the working groups and decide if any of the groups that are right for you. By joining a WG, you are simply added to its mailing list and given access to the necessary confluence pages.

  4. Once approved and you have been notified that you are added to the access list, you will be able to view spaces commensurate with your level of participation when signed in to STScI Outerspace.  If you have issues gaining access, please contact the help desk at help@stsci.edu.

  5. If at a later date you want to remove yourself from an existing working group, you will be able to manage your access easily with listserve instructions.

The Working Group Concept

In order to maximize the science return and legacy value of the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope’s Wide Field Instrument (WFI), the Roman Project Office charters a number of Working Groups.  Each of these Working Groups is dedicated to discussing and advising the Roman Project and its partners on key elements for preparing for WFI data and operations.  Examples include calibration and processing of the WFI data, simulations of WFI data, and support for the definition of Roman's Core Community Surveys.  While the Working Groups are private, anyone in the scientific community can request membership below.

Please submit this form to request being added to any new Working Group, even if you have already requested access to other Working Groups. Being added to a Working Group not only grants you specific page permissions, but also adds you to the email listserve.

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