If you would like to contribute detrended light curves from target pixel files, extracted light curves you make from the Full Frame Images, or follow-up observations of different types for TESS targets, you are encouraged to submit your data as MAST High Level Science Products (HLSP)! If you are interested in submitting an HLSP to MAST, please fill out the HLSP Interest Form as early as you can, and a MAST archive scientist will work with you to prepare your files. If you don't have a paper ready to go just yet, you can skip that part of the form, but note that at least one peer-reviewed publication that describes your data products must be accepted before we make your HLSP files public at MAST. You should, however, fill out the Interest Form and get in contact with us well before your paper is accepted so that we can review your files, prepare your project's homepage at MAST, and give you a link you can insert directly in your paper that will point to your HLSP at MAST.

You should read our HLSP Contribution Guidelines early to prepare or modify your data products and file names for MAST ingest.

If you'd like to see all of MAST's HLSPs, there is an HLSP Search Form you can use. If you'd like to find all the HLSP related to TESS, you can filter on Mission = "TESS" on that form.

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