This tutorial will show you how to retrieve pre-constructed cURL scripts to download calibrated or uncalibrated full frame images from a given Sector.

Step 1 - Visit The Bulk Downloads Page: The first step is to visit the Bulk Downloads Page for TESS at MAST. Included on this page is a section to download target pixel, light curve, and full frame image files by Sector (Item #1).

Step 2 - Download The Bulk Download Script: The table on the left of this page contains cURL scripts to retrieve full frame images by Sector. Calibrated and uncalibrated images are available for bulk download as separate scripts (the middle column specifies which type the script file is for). To download all calibrated full frame images from Sector 1, download the shell script file in the first row (Item #1).

Step 3 - Make The Script Executable And Run It: Once you have downloaded the file, make it executable (on Linux/Mac you can run a "chmod" command) and then run the file and your downloads will begin. The files will be saved on disk in the same location you ran the script from.

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