About Webb

See the James Webb Space Telescope Launch Highlight video for a behind the scenes look at how the people behind Webb successfully launched the telescope on Christmas Day 2021. 

Learn about the Science with Webb and explore the mission's goals, science programs, and more. LOW BAND

Utilize the Webb Insignia for your promotional materials when hosting a community event celebrating the space telescope. 

*Please only use this insignia on promotional materials; do not use the NASA logo (“the meatball”).

Use the Science Writer's Guide from Webbtelescope to assist media personnel, writers, and educators in their efforts to understand the telescope, and in turn, educate others about the mission. 

How are the Hubble Space Telescope and James Webb Space Telescope different, and how do they complement each other? Learn more in this short, animated video, Hubble and Webb: Friends in the Sky
Webb's First Images Gallery is where you can find posters, zoomable images, spectra and more dedicated to the first images, released on July 12. 

First Images: Behind the Scenes dives into the purpose and significantce of the telescopes first collection of full color images and data. 

First Images Press Releases 

First Images Science Releases highlight the latest from the Webb telescope. 

Webb's Poster Series is a easy to download series of posters of the first images.

Outreach Slides - NEW Deck Now Live! 

The new Outreach Slide Deck Celebrating a year with Webb is now available for download! This is a fully modular presentation with a working script in the notes pane of each slide with extended resources to explore more, stunning new visuals, and a whole new design.

*Please note this deck will be updated with the first images Anniversary Image set to be released on 7/12/23. 

First Images Outreach Slide Deck 2022

Launch Outreach Slide Deck 2021  

FAQs & Supporting Organizations 

Explore the FAQs around Webb community events, how to be a host, ways to connect to subject matter experts and more.   LOW BAND

Organizations who can support your event via in-person support, presenting as a subject matter expert, and resources for professional development experiences for your staff: 

Solar System Ambassadors

Night Sky Network 


Yesenia Perez, Informal Education Specialist II

Space Telescope Science Institute


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