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The warp catalogue positions (and therefore ramean and decmean) are not affected, as these have been re-calibrated to Gaia (except possibly for the slice indicated in the figure below), However, the stack catalogue positions (rastack, decstack, and the individual stack positions for each band)  may be in error, and may differ between bands.

Image Modified

This image indicates the extent of the problem. It shows the median difference between decmean and  decstack values in DR1 above 80 deg Declination (for objects with 16<ipsf<20). The colour range spans offsets of +/-0.25". Areas coloured blue or red should be treated with caution. The general mottling effect at the +/-0.1" level is due to the Gaia recalibration of the warp (but not stack) catalogue positions.

The smooth, wedge-shaped section between 7h and 15h is believed to be a region where the Gaia recalibration of the warps did not make its way into DR1. It extends down to +75 deg. This will be corrected in DR2.