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This page will host the results in Scolnic 17 and Jones 17.

From Scolnic 17:

Upon publication, we will release online a suite of data files, coding routines and supplementary tables to replicate this analysis. This includes:

  •  A table of the spectroscopic observations of each SN in the PS1 sample that includes their ID, date of observation, telescope observed and measured redshift.
  • A table of key recovered parameters from the light-curve fits for the full Pantheon sample.  We also include a full output table from the SNANA fitter of a thorough listing of fitted parameters and other properties of the light-curves.
  • A table of binned distance estimates over redshift for a compressed version of the dataset.
  • A full systematic covariance matrix for the binned and unbinned versions.
  • Stellar catalogs of the MD fields.
  • Necessary files to use with the CosmoMC or CosmoSIS software with instructions.
  • A folder of all the SNANA set-up scripts to fit each sample. A folder of all the SNANA set-up scripts to simulate each sample.
  • Output tables for 30 simulated samples used to test external methods on perform null tests on this dataset.
  • Code for remaking all figures in this paper.