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The Pan-STARRS telescopes are located at Haleakala Observatories on the island of Maui. The first telescope built, the Pan-STARRS1 Telescope (PS1), is an alt-az telescope with an 1.8m diameter mirror. With a field-of-view diameter of 3 degrees, it can observe a 7 square degree are on the sky with every exposure. The PS1: GPC1 camera, which uses 60 Orthogonal Transfer Arrays devices, is mounted in its focal plane. The PS1 observations are obtained through a set of five broadband filters, designated as grizyP1. Under certain circumstances PS1 observations are obtained with a sixth, “wide” filter designated as wP1 that essentially spans the gri bands. The PS1 Observing strategy was optimized for detecting moving objects as well as a uniform coverage of the 3pi survey (see PS1 Description of the surveys).


The starting point for the PS1 data archive is at Pan-STARRS1 data archive home page.

The information on the pages below is  taken from Chambers et al 2016, "The Pan-STARRS1 Surveys" and this paper should be cited when information is used. 

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