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select o.objID, o.raMean, o.decMean, o.raMeanErr, o.decMeanErr, 
   o.raStack, o.decStack, o.raStackErr, o.decStackErr, o.epochMean, 
   o.nDetections,,,,, o.ny, o.objInfoFlag, o.qualityFlag,
   m.gMeanPSFMag, m.rMeanPSFMag, m.iMeanPSFMag, m.zMeanPSFMag, m.yMeanPSFMag,
   m.gMeanPSFMagErr, m.rMeanPSFMagErr, m.iMeanPSFMagErr, m.zMeanPSFMagErr, m.yMeanPSFMagErr,
   m.gMeanKronMag, m.rMeanKronMag, m.iMeanKronMag, m.zMeanKronMag, m.yMeanKronMag,
   m.gFlags, m.rFlags, m.iFlags, m.zFlags, m.yFlags 
   into mydb.MyTable_HDF_3deg_extended from fGetNearbyObjEq(169.20,62.30,180.0) nb
inner join ObjectThin o on o.objid=nb.objid and o.nDetections>3
inner join MeanObject m on o.objid=m.objid and o.uniquePspsOBid=m.uniquePspsOBid and m.rMeanPSFMag<21.0