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Sarah Kendrew

1. News & announcements

  • Nestor Espinoza mentions that an exoplanet consulting expert might be joining STScI during the summer. This person might help out with some planning and discussions on TSO-WG related matters like, for example, task 4.6a in our FY2020 planning. Nikolay Nikolov mentions this tool could already use the already coded/in hand tools (e.g., JWST Calibration Pipeline) — idea would be for that to be included in that discussion, along with all the details on the tool planned in task 4.6a so we can just hand it over to the JWST QL project, and help out as consultants to it.
25min2. Fiscal Year 2020 plan discussion & updating

General comments
  • Sarah Kendrew  and Nestor Espinoza  updated FY2020 plan. Main changes: we are relying on the high-priority branches are putting on performing simulated datasets, and providing resources for pipeline calibration, testing (3.1a) and documentation (3.1b) for TSO modes. There's also a separate table with proposed FY2021 tasks. Brian Brooksasks if each of those latter tasks should have a Jira ticket associated to them — Sarah Kendrew proposes that no, and that those tasks will be eventually discussed re-prioritized (and ticketed?) on FY2021.

Cross-instrument TSO tasksEveryone
  • Sarah Kendrew and Nestor Espinoza had meetings with DMS team leads (Rosa Díaz & Alicia Canipe). With Rosa, meeting involved discussion on jitter files: turns out the will be available in a very nice format (see innerspace for meeting notes on that). Our (Nestor Espinoza) job: document that format, what engenieering files are relevant for TSO users and how to extract information from those files.
NIRISS tasks updatesNIRCam tasks updates

  • As for the meeting with Alicia, we got updates on the Optimal BS task — still has not reached high-priority, therefore, still in development. Will change the status of this once a decision is made on the DMS side (defined by branch priorities). Nikolay Nikolovasks if this part of the pipeline account for trace curvature like, e.g., NIRISS/SOSS. Nestor Espinoza answers that currently no, but this is being worked out by NIRISS/SOSS champions (Joe Fillippazzo).

  • Also, update on task 4.5a (report brightest pixel value on the ETC): done! This is on the ETC side now, and on the list of things to implement for build 1.6.

  • Nikolay Nikolov and Brian Brooks will eventually reach out to this WG to present on task 4.3c (times with FPE clock).

MIRI task updates
  • Update on the RSCD changes: currently ongoing estimate on how much effort this will take to be done system-wide. In any case, Nestor Espinozamentions that PandExo anyways assumes a reset frame for MIRI. 
NIRSpec task updatesMIRI task updates

3. TSO activities per instrument team

5minNIRISS activities/updates
  • WASP-18b comissioning program was approved in PIT meeting today. Nikolay Nikolov asks about whether there is a policy for not publishing anything interesting that might come out of that dataset. Nestor Espinoza reports that they don't expect anything interesting (because scale-height is very small in transit for the planet), but if they do see something, as an STScI policy they will not publish it. Data will become available after for the community to use, however.
15minNIRCam activities/updates
  • Based on the previous discussion, Nikolay Nikolov mentions in NIRCam they will be using an eclipsing binary for a similar test. Sarah Kendrew is interested on the eclipsing binary being used by NIRCam; would be good if Nikolay Nikolov (and/or Brian Brooks) could share the info of that target with her.
5minNIRSpec activities/updatesTony Keyes
5minMIRI activities/updates

Closing remarks of the meeting

Action items

  •  Sarah Kendrew and Nestor Espinoza will meet to define the final FY2020 plan for the WG.
  •  Sarah Kendrew and Nestor Espinoza will meet with Rosa Díaz to define status of Jitter files.
  •  Sarah Kendrew and Nestor Espinoza will reach out to Alicia Canipe to find out status of the rest of the DMS tasksdocument on a TSO-friendly format the status of the jitter files.
  •  Sarah Kendrew and Nestor Espinoza will reach out to the WSMO to define whether simulated datasets should be shared with the community, and what is the priority of that.
  •  Nikolay Nikolov and/or Brian Brooks will update name, description and effort level of DHS NIRCam task in order to define what part will be done in FY2020.     This is now updated. (BB)
  •  Tony Keyes will update the effort level and task descriptions for NIRSpec tasks.
  •  Sarah Kendrew will update the descriptions of some of the tasks (e.g., the RSCD task), including effort levelsshare the eclipsing binary target name with Sarah Kendrew .