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Explore the GUI layout, data accessible with the Portal, and optional user accounts.


In this chapter...

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rootPageIntroduction to the Portal

Important Things to Know

Keep the following in mind when using the Portal web application:

Browser Cookies

The Portal site uses browser cookies in order to monitor feature usage, track user preferences, and provide authentication for some services.

titleConsent for Cookies

By using this site you consent to the use of cookies for these purposes.

Browser Pop-ups

The Portal uses browser pop-ups for some functions. This requires that users disable pop-up blockers for the domain: in order to download data. Check the documentation for your browser to determine how this is done, and be alert for notifications from the browser that popups are being blocked. In many cases it simply requires giving approval for popups when you are asked.


Failing to disable the browser pop-up blocker for the Portal will result in the silent failure of some functionality.

Browser Compatibility

The MAST Portal works well with recent versions of the Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers. However, there are known incompatibilities with the Internet Explorer and Edge browsers.


Searches for data may be performed anonymously, but retrievals of recent data that are protected under an Exclusive Access Period require both authorization (granted by the PI of an observing program) and authentication (i.e., by logging in to the Portal, or by using a Auth.MAST token). See MAST Accounts for details.

Release Notes

A history of MAST software release notes may be found here.