This is the home for MAST User reference documentation. This collection of documents includes new user guides as well as updated and reorganized versions of old documents. The content on these pages features improved organization, and makes it easier to navigate and search for critical information on: the substantial MAST holdings; interfaces for searching, browsing, and retrieving data; mission-specific tools; and on seeking help when you need it.

Some MAST documentation is still being migrated from the old platform, and will appear here when ready. In the meantime, links to older content will be provided where necessary.

MAST Document Guide

The following table summarizes where to look for MAST documentation on this platform.



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Up-to-date manuals and user guides for MAST search and data exploration tools, and a guide for users who wish to contribute data collections.
MAST Data HoldingsDescriptions of MAST data holdings (all catalogs, all missions), summary of data file semantic types, and links to catalog search interfaces.
MAST Home PageHigh-level summaries of hosted missions, catalogs, publishing resources, data policies, and summaries of HLSP collections.

Search and Discovery Web Applications

Here is a comparison of MAST tools for searching and retrieving data.

ApplicationSearchable DataFunctional Highlights

All hosted missions,

Selected catalogs: GAIA DR3, Hubble Source Catalog, TIC,

Virtual Observatory

Data visualization tools, data product selection, access to calibration reference files (for HST and JWST), data subscriptions and notifications for active missions, cross-matching with user-defined source lists. Direct download of data through the browser.
MAST Mission Search


Various HLSPs

Query for observations with a larger range of criteria than is possible in the Portal. Generate equivalent command-line queries for scripted access to data. Direct download of data through the browser.
Classic Mission SearchesIndividual missions only

Offers query forms that are customized to available metadata for each mission, including Kepler, K2, FUSE, IUE, and many others. 

These search forms will eventually be replaced by the new Missions query tools.

Available Manuals

The available documents now include the following; they are also listed in the navigation panel on the left-hand side of these pages.

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