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To facilitate this more anonymous review, investigators need to ensure that their proposals are prepared is such a way that their identities are not readily available. Your job is not to make your identity undiscoverable, but simply to make it possible for our reviewers to evaluate your submission without needing to know who you (or your team) are.

  • Use the third person to refer to work that the investigators have previously undertaken. For example, phrases like “as we have shown in [reference]” or “we extend our work of [reference]” should be replaced with wording like “… as has been shown in [reference]” or “we extend the work of [reference]". 
  • Do not eliminate essential self-references. However, it may be best to limit self-references to only papers that are relevant for those reviewing the proposal.
  • Do not reference or direct reviewers to a personal website. 
  • Do not reference work in progress. Limit references to manuscripts on arXiv or other  
  • Take care to remove identifying information from page headers, footers, watermarks, figure identifiers, or other. 
  • Do not include acknowledgements. 

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