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  • Discussion on final goals/priorities for FY2020 for the WG on Q3+Q4.
  • Update everyone on the WG on the different TSO activities going on on the different branches.

Discussion items


1. News & announcements

25min2. Fiscal Year 2020 plan discussion & updating

Cross-instrument TSO tasksEveryone

NIRISS tasks updates

NIRCam tasks updates

NIRSpec task updates

MIRI task updates


3. TSO activities per instrument team

5minNIRISS activities/updates
  • WASP-18b comissioning program was approved in PIT meeting.
15minNIRCam activities/updates
5minNIRSpec activities/updatesTony Keyes
5minMIRI activities/updates

Closing remarks of the meeting

Action items

  • Sarah Kendrew and Nestor Espinoza will meet to define the final FY2020 plan for the WG.
  • Sarah Kendrew and Nestor Espinoza will meet with Rosa Díaz to define status of Jitter files.
  • Sarah Kendrew and Nestor Espinoza will reach out to Alicia Canipe to find out status of the rest of the DMS tasks.
  • Sarah Kendrew and Nestor Espinoza will reach out to the WSMO to define whether simulated datasets should be shared with the community, and what is the priority of that.
  • Brian Brooks will update name, description and effort level of DHS NIRCam task in order to define what part will be done in FY2020.     This is now updated. (BB)
  • Tony Keyes will update the effort level and task descriptions for NIRSpec tasks.
  • Sarah Kendrew will update the descriptions of some of the tasks (e.g., the RSCD task), including effort levels.

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