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New group email list
  • JWST-TSOWG "at"
 Unexpectedly small TSO data and file segmentation 
  • In testing there was a TSO smaller then the 2G segment size that had been set.  This caused the segmentation code to fail.
    • NIRCam Grism Time Series, Duration= 258 seconds
  • Option 1: Treat it as unsegmented exposure
    • Filename will not have "seg" in it
    • The TSO_VISIT keyword in the header is the best way to determine what data is time series, not the "seg" in the filename 
    • If you don't segment it, would you want the segment-related header keywords added, or not?
  • Option 2: Treat it as segmented exposure
    • Consistent naming convention for all TSO data (all with "seg" in them)
    • Down-side that the data will be labeled as segmented data, but there is only one segment
  • Decision to take option 2, we will have 1 segment for small TSO.


"Allow Multiple Exposures of NIRSpec Bright Object Time Series"

  • The ability to create more than one exposure per visit was only missing in the NIRSpec BOTS template. 
  • For bright sources and thus short integrations (low number of groups) one exposure will not be long enough to cover the entire transit or phase curve for the target -> therefore the need for more than one exposure
  • Topic discussed at PPS/DMS meeting
    • There are two options (either OSS changes their scripts or APT makes changes)
    • Final decision hasn't been made.
    • Likely that it will end up being handled in the front-end (easier to implement for APT than OSS, but less efficient)
  • Will NOT have a TA at the start of the second exposure, exposures will be contiguous

Calibration Pipeline
  • Optimal algorithm prioritization
  • Spectral background subtraction
    • Rank = 1
  • Recentering during aperture photometry
    • Rank = 1
  • "Optimal" spectral extraction
    • Rank = 1.5
  • Meeting Dec 11th to discuss
  • Sarah Kendrew and Kevin Stevenson to meet next week to discuss plan for unit testing/validation of TSO pipeline
    • Will seek input from WG once we have a baseline plan
    • No coding at this point, only need list of items to validate

Precise Timing with FPEBrian Brooks

MIRI JPL Test Dan D.Goals: 
  • Characterize and mitigate ramp
  • Provide recommendation on fluence

Last Meeting:

  • Previous results showed large ramp, attributed to BB source
  • Currently conducting tests with LED

New results to come next meeting

Action items