Meeting agenda:

  1. News & Announcements.
  2. Status of TSO Commissioning papers.
  3. Cycle 2 preparation status.
  4. Instrument round-table check-in.
  5. Closing remarks.

Discussion items

5 mins

1. News & announcements

  • Nestor & Sarah meeting at 2 pm with Van Dixon to discuss 2023 plans for the WG
  • Job ad for the senior technical staff hire, which includes a targeted MIRI TSO hire. Please share or pass names of good candidates to Sarah so she can reach out.  
10min2. Status on TSO commissioning papers

  • SW paper will be resubmitted within a week
  • LW progress very slow


coming along, most content is there, still waiting on wavelength calibration and wavelength stability section. waiting on some input from Nestor. Most of the team is working on science observations with SOSS and some NIRSpec. It is snowing in Montreal. 

  • Nestor sees some unexplained features in the HAT-P-14b data with NIRISS SOSS. could be a marginal detection of H2O...?
    • no one else in Montreal is really looking at this so no opinion
    • SB: NIRSpec also has a few discrepant points - perhaps good to compare?
  • Commissioning data has been public for 4-5 months now, I think we would be okay to publish? but we are not there yet. 

  • accepted! and on the Arxiv. 

  • has been ready for a while. should be submitted imminently.

  • still want to do. see an offset in the transit depth in the NIRISS data so good to put everything together. 
  • could perhaps show more clearly if there is a weak feature there. 
  • LA: could also highlight some discrepancy in data points/possible features in a comparative paper and not go into it further. 
5min3. TSO JDox discussion Nestor Espinoza 

  • JDox updates due TOMORROW - freeze coming. 
  • Nestor is working on following pages:
  • NN: will there be a dedicated Docs article on tilt events (at observation level)? would be good. how detect it, how it impacts the data, etc.
    • we have a decent description in the TSO section but not at the observatory section
    • NE: would be good to have a description of data features we see in the TSO data that might impact analysis
  • NE: please let him know if see anything on TSO pages that needs changing. will be working on this all day today
10min3. Instrument roundtable check-in


looking into slope we see in flux - possibly related to observatory pitch angle?

Action on Nestor Espinoza  to discuss with mission office!


had a meeting for analysis of LTT**** phase curve analysis. think there is a tilt event just at the time of the 2ndary eclipse. so it is important for data analysis.

BB: having the discussion for NIRCam as well, how to notify the observers & what the impact is

NIRSpeca few issues with shorts but not affecting BOTS. BOTS all going well. 

  • failed TSO recently due to an HGA move. unusual, but not the first instance. perhaps we should request no HGA moves during TSOs?
  • ERS TSO with MIRI on the schedule for early December, exciting 
2 mins4. Closing Remarks

meeting again in 2 weeks