Data from the James Webb Space Telescope were released to the community beginning on 2022 July 12. These pages describe the release timeline, some of the featured products, and the means by which users may obtain data products.

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    Release Timeline

    Data had been hosted on multiple platforms in an effort to serve large amounts of data to a wide audience in a timely way. All public JWST data are now available through the MAST Portal

    Program Categories

    Data from the following categories of programs have been made available in MAST :

    AbbrProgram TypeAccessNotes
    CALCalibrationPublicCycle 1 program to collect data for calibrating science instruments. Some include observations of external targets.

    Observations obtained in the first 6 months of flight to characterize and adjust telescope and instrument functionality and performance.

    DDDirector's DiscretionPublicOff-cycle grants of urgent observations.
    ENGEngineeringPublicNon-standard observations meant to characterize instrument health and functionality.
    EROEarly Release ObservationsPublic

    Webb First Science data that illustrate the capabilities of JWST and the science instruments.

    ERSEarly Release SciencePublicCycle 1 programs that will execute early.
    GO/GTOGuest/Guaranteed-Time ObserverEAP+PublicCycle 1 programs, a few of which have immediate public access.

    User Support

    For MAST user support, contact the HelpDesk: See the Archive Support page for details and other resources.

    Please acknowledge the use of data obtained from MAST in publications.

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