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The HelpDesk can be reached in the following ways:

You should receive an acknowledgement of your question or report within one business day. Resolution may take from minutes to days, depending upon the complexity of the question.

MAST Questions

Direct problem reports and questions to the Archive HelpDesk about any of the following:

Non-MAST Questions

Technical or scientific questions on topics not directly related to MAST, such as those listed below, should instead be directed to help@stsci.edu. 

  • Operation or performance of science instruments on active missions
  • Planning, scheduling, or execution of observations on active missions
  • Calibration of science or engineering data products
  • Use of STScI-provided software, Jupyter notebooks, APT, or other tools
  • Calls for Proposals
  • Observation duplication policy

Your question will be routed to the appropriate domain expert.

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