Light Curves in Tables

The keywords listed below are required, recommended, or suggested for all FITS files that contain light curves. Since at present light curves are only supported in tabular format, all keywords must appear in the extension (E) header. Recommended keywords, if absent, will be computed and inserted prior to ingest; suggested keywords would be beneficial to archival users if present.

The following table(s) of HLSP metadata, to be included in science products, are color-coded:




Headers must also include the basic structural FITS keywords and the list of common keywords.


APERTUREEName of the aperture used for the exposure (if any)

DEC_TARGEDeclination coordinate of the target or field, in deg

DETECTOREID of detector used for exposure

FILTEREName of filter used, or 'MULTI' if more than one defined the passband.

FILTERnnEName(s) of filter(s) used to define the passband if more than one was used, with nn (zero-padded) incrementing from 1.

RADESYSEMnemonic for celestial coordinate reference system (typically 'FK5' or the preferred 'ICRS').

RA_TARGERight Ascension coordinate of the target or field, in deg

Light Curves in ASCII Files

Light curves may alternatively be stored in ASCII-based formats (JWST uses ECSV). In this case it is important to include metadata as tagged attributes within the file, the details of which depend upon the specific format. Attributes in ECSV uses a YAML-based header with special mark-up, for example.

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