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    Collections and Metadata

    Searching in MAST is performed in the context of a collection. Categorically, the options are:

    • MAST Observations – The observations from all MAST hosted missions. These include HST, JWST, TESS, GALEX, Kepler, and many others; see MAST Data Collection Overview for a complete list of missions.
    • Hubble Source Catalog – A collection of tens of thousands of visit-based source lists in the Hubble Legacy Archive (HLA) combined into a single master catalog.
    • MAST Catalogs – MAST-hosted collections of source lists, such as the GAIA catalog.
    • Virtual Observatory – A worldwide collection of repositories providing astronomical images, catalogs and spectra.
    • Special Collections – Mission-specific or custom collections.

    Depending upon the collection, there may be additional options for searching. This chapter describes in detail the means to search the various collections.

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