In this search, we'll look for observations that were taken in the Time-Tag mode, then limit results by filter.

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Selecting an Operating Mode

The Hubble Space Telescope's instruments have many operating modes; we can use the 'Operating Mode' condition allows us to search for a particular mode. In this case, we want to filter for observations taken in the 'time-tagged' mode.

In the classic search form, 'Operating Mode' could be found as an option under 'User-specified' field. You could then enter your desired criteria in the blank box to the right.

Although the drop-down menu is still available, the new form also supports type-ahead. This allows you to type the name of the field, or a part of its description, and matching results will be returned.

Limiting Results to a Filter

In this search, we also choose to limit results that used filter G230L. For more filters, see the HST Filters/Gratings Page.

The 'Filters/Gratings' field provided a space to input your desired filters, although until the search was executed, you could not verify the validity of the filter.

In the new search form, the 'Filters/Gratings' field supports type-ahead; this makes it easier to find and enter a valid value.

Exporting Results

This search returns 1455 results; you may wish to apply additional filters, or export the results to a file. Exporting is a new feature that allows you to turn the results table into a CSV, JSON, or VO table. After clicking on 'Export Table', all three file types will be displayed on options. Clicking on one of these options will begin the download.

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