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Description: Contains the positional information for difference detection objects in a number of coordinate systems. The objects associate difference detections within a one arcsecond radius. The number of detections in each filter from is listed, along with maximum coverage fractions. References: Szalay, A. S., Gray, J., Fekete, G., et al. 2007, arXiv:cs/0701164.
NameUnitData TypeSizeDefault ValueDescription
diffObjNamedimensionlessVARCHAR(32)32NAIAU name for this object.
diffObjPSONamedimensionlessVARCHAR(32)32NAAlternate Pan-STARRS name for this object.
diffObjAltName1dimensionlessVARCHAR(32)32 Altername name for this object.
diffObjAltName2dimensionlessVARCHAR(32)32 Altername name for this object.
diffObjAltName3dimensionlessVARCHAR(32)32 Altername name for this object.
diffObjPopularNamedimensionlessVARCHAR(140)140 Well known name for this object.
diffObjIDdimensionlessBIGINT8NAUnique difference object identifier.
uniquePspsDOiddimensionlessBIGINT8NAUnique internal PSPS difference object identifier.
ippObjIDdimensionlessBIGINT8NAIPP internal object identifier.
surveyIDdimensionlessTINYINT1NASurvey identifier. Details in the Survey table.
htmIDdimensionlessBIGINT8NAHierarchical triangular mesh (Szalay 2007) index.
zoneIDdimensionlessINT4NALocal zone index, found by dividing the sky into bands of declination 1/2 arcminute in height: zoneID = floor((90 + declination)/0.0083333).
randomDiffObjIDdimensionlessFLOAT8NARandom value drawn from the interval between zero and one.
batchIDdimensionlessBIGINT8NAInternal database batch identifier.
dvoRegionIDdimensionlessINT4-1Internal DVO region identifier.
objInfoFlagdimensionlessINT40Information flag bitmask indicating details of the photometry. Values listed in ObjectInfoFlags.
qualityFlagdimensionlessTINYINT10Subset of objInfoFlag denoting whether this object is real or a likely false positive. Values listed in ObjectQualityFlags.
radegreesFLOAT8-999Right ascension mean.
decdegreesFLOAT8-999Declination mean.
cxdimensionlessFLOAT8NACartesian x on a unit sphere.
cydimensionlessFLOAT8NACartesian y on a unit sphere.
czdimensionlessFLOAT8NACartesian z on a unit sphere.
lambdadegreesFLOAT8-999Ecliptic longitude.
betadegreesFLOAT8-999Ecliptic latitude.
ldegreesFLOAT8-999Galactic longitude.
bdegreesFLOAT8-999Galactic latitude.
gQfPerfectdimensionlessREAL4-999Maximum PSF weighted fraction of pixels totally unmasked from g filter detections.
rQfPerfectdimensionlessREAL4-999Maximum PSF weighted fraction of pixels totally unmasked from r filter detections.
iQfPerfectdimensionlessREAL4-999Maximum PSF weighted fraction of pixels totally unmasked from i filter detections.
zQfPerfectdimensionlessREAL4-999Maximum PSF weighted fraction of pixels totally unmasked from z filter detections.
yQfPerfectdimensionlessREAL4-999Maximum PSF weighted fraction of pixels totally unmasked from y filter detections.
processingVersiondimensionlessTINYINT1NAData release version.
nDetectionsdimensionlessSMALLINT2-999Number of difference detections in all filters.
ngdimensionlessSMALLINT2-999Number of difference detections in g filter.
nrdimensionlessSMALLINT2-999Number of difference detections in r filter.
nidimensionlessSMALLINT2-999Number of difference detections in i filter.
nzdimensionlessSMALLINT2-999Number of difference detections in z filter.
nydimensionlessSMALLINT2-999Number of difference detections in y filter.

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