The starting point for the PS1 data archive is at Pan-STARRS1 data archive home page.

Description: Contains an entry for objects detected in the stacked images which were in the footprint of a single epoch exposure, but for which there are no unmasked pixels at that epoch.
NameUnitData TypeSizeDefault ValueDescription
objIDdimensionlessBIGINT8NAUnique object identifier.
uniquePspsFWiddimensionlessBIGINT8NAUnique internal PSPS forced warp identifier.
ippObjIDdimensionlessBIGINT8NAIPP internal object identifier.
ippDetectIDdimensionlessBIGINT8NAIPP internal detection identifier.
filterIDdimensionlessTINYINT1NAFilter identifier. Details in the Filter table.
surveyIDdimensionlessTINYINT1NASurvey identifier. Details in the Survey table.
forcedSummaryIDdimensionlessBIGINT8NAForced warp summary meta identifier
forcedWarpIDdimensionlessBIGINT8NAUnique forced warp identifier.
randomWarpIDdimensionlessFLOAT8NARandom value drawn from the interval between zero and one.
tessIDdimensionlessTINYINT10Tessellation identifier. Details in the TessellationType table.
projectionIDdimensionlessSMALLINT2-1Projection cell identifier.
skyCellIDdimensionlessREAL4-999Skycell region identifier.
dvoRegionIDdimensionlessREAL4-999Internal DVO region identifier.
obsTimedaysFLOAT8-999Modified Julian Date at the midpoint of the observation. Note these are international atomic time rather than UTC, so if you want UTC times you will need to add 34 or 35 seconds to correct for leap seconds.

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