This page is meant to help users to query for photometric catalogs available in the PanSTARRS archive.  Information on this page mostly refers to an older version of the catalog interface that is no longer supported, but some information here may still be useful.  Please see the Catalog Access Tools section of How to retrieve and use PS1 data for current information on web services, SQL query tools (Casjobs), and other mechanisms for accessing the catalogs. 


The starting point for the PS1 data archive is at Pan-STARRS1 data archive home page.

Where to start

To start a query for a public PanSTARRS photometric catalog go to the PS1 archive website at Space Telescope Science Institute,, and access with your username and password. To obtain a username and password please write a request to

On the main page you will find these links:

  • Main: you can access the website Index Map, the News, look for help, change your profile settings and logout;

  • Query Page: You can submit a SQL query to download catalogs from the different photometric surveys (Select Database: PanSTARRS_3PI, i.e. the complete survey, PanSTARRS_M01-10, i.e. the Medium Deep Field survey, etc..). If you prepared a query in SQL you can directly upload it by clicking on Upload Query File Form. If you are not an expert of SQL you can find some useful query examples by clicking on Query Examples FormsQuality Flag Tool allows you to interpret the quality flag informations present in the different tables (Object table, Detection table, etc..).

  • Queued Jobs: here you will find the status of your submitted search. The status will be Ready if the search was successful; Failed if it encountered problems/errors, and Progress if the search is still going on. The search can be successful but it will provide a table with 0 rows if the result of the search is null. Under the option Query there is the possibility to click on Edit and go back to the Query page and modify and/or correct the query under the option Result you will be able to click on the available link and eventually download the queried table.

  • MyDB: here you will find all the tables you queried for. You have the possibility to download them by clicking on Table Extraction Form, select one of the table from your MyDb table list, select the file format you prefer (CSV, FITS, TVCS, VOTable) and then click on Extract (Note that the CSV format table you download here uses " as separators.)

  • Graphing: here you will have the possibility to draw plots based on the content of one of your MyDB tables.

  • Postage Stamps: here you will be able to query for image postage stamps from the different PanSTARRS surveys.


Some example queries are listed here:

  1. Retrieve mean magnitudes, forced magnitudes, single epoch detections and difference image light curves for a sample of 13 RR Lyrae stars from the Catalina Sky Survey SAS 40: Light curves, forced light curves, and difference image light curves of an RR Lyrae list 

  2. More general examples of easy queries: Useful PSPS Queries  (Update to the new schema)

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