This page contains a Python Jupyter Notebook tutorial demonstrating data retrieval and manipulation of FIMS-SPEAR data products.

It is strongly recommended that users new to FIMS-SPEAR data explore the following Python Jupyter Notebook tutorial. In this notebook, you will learn how to retrieve FIMS-SPEAR data, wrangle the hyperspectral data into healpy-tractable formats, obtain the spatially-averaged spectrum of variously-shaped regions on the sky, and more.

Tutorial Notebook

Cautionary note: The mission teams note that emission line fitting and the subtraction of the diffuse FUV continuum is a difficult issue that can significantly alter a user's science. The tutorial notebook does not currently attempt to tackle continuum subtraction, and is instead designed to orient users to the unusual structure of FIMS-SPEAR data and the various Python tools that can make that data tractable.

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